Karting Championship

ZUERA – 24/07/2012

Zuera belongs to the generation of the many new circuits which were built in Spain as a result of the booming interest created by Fernando Alonso’s access to Formula One after his brilliant career in Karting. Its course is rather atypical for a Karting track, with its length of 1,700 metres and its width of 10 metres. So karts run there with a very long crown ratio, and the average speed is over 100 km/h. The slipstream effect is important, which further adds a particular and unusual character to events held there. Having already hosted several European Championships, Zuera organised in 2010 the single-round World Championship, then reserved for KF2. The World Championship returned to that circuit this year, but in its new format and Zuera was its second stage out of a total of five.

Driver Nat Time
1 De Vries, Nyck Netherlands 59.972
2 Albon, Alexander United Kingdom 1:00.091
3 Camponeschi, Flavio Italy 1:00.315
4 Gromanova, Tereza Czech Republic 1:00.340
5 D'Agosto, Ignazio Italy 1:00.437
6 Basz, Karol Poland 1:00.460
7 Deguffroy, Remy France 1:00.489
8 Lock, Chris United Kingdom 1:00.546
9 Tillett, Laura United Kingdom 1:00.547
10 De Ridder, Guillaume Belgium 1:00.549
11 Tiene, Felice Italy 1:00.572
12 Kanamaru, Yu Japan 1:00.619
13 Roussel, Leo France 1:00.676
14 Bailly, Sebastien Belgium 1:00.698
15 Suninen, Teemu Finland 1:00.711
16 Lahaye, Dylan Belgium 1:00.743
17 Hubert, Anthoine France 1:00.760
18 Lennox-Lamb, Jordon United Kingdom 1:00.858
19 Toman, Libor Finland 1:00.965
20 Groman, Zdenek Czech Republic 1:01.124
21 Reguillon, Loic France 1:01.320
22 Watatani, Hiroaki Japan 1:02.393
23 Pakari, Mikko Finland 1:04.230
24 Vigano, Matteo Italy 1:05.860