Karting Championship

WACKERSDORF - 12/06/2011

Created in the 1990’s, the “ProKart Raceland” circuit of Wackersdorf is now the German circuit which enjoys the largest international activity. The complex dear to Stephan Fritsch includes an outdoor track homologated by the CIK-FIA, an indoor track and infrastructures both functional and very aesthetic. Its maiden organisation of an event counting towards a CIK-FIA Championship dates back to 1999. In 2010 the circuit hosted two CIK-FIA events, in particular the very first round of the new CIK-FIA “U18” World Championship. And in 2011 it had the privilege of opening the World KF1 Championship in its new formula (spread over 5 events), while receiving within the same meeting the 150 Drivers entered in the European KZ Championships (KZ1 and KZ2).
Here you can accompany some of the World KF1 Championship Drivers in the fastest lap times they achieved during the qualifying practice session held on the Sunday morning. The author of the pole-position was then the Dutchman Nyck de Vries, who has really left his mark on the Wackersdorf event as he went so far as to land each and every one of the 4 scheduled finals!

Driver Nat Time
1 De Vries, Nyck Netherlands 48.908
2 Kanamaru, Yu Japan 49.406
3 Basz, Karol Poland 49.221
4 Gromanova, Tereza Czech Republic 49.424
5 Roussel, Leo France 49.221
6 Bailly, Sebastien Belgium 49.506
7 D'Agosto, Ignazio Italy 49.272
8 Vigano, Matteo Italy 49.528
9 Albon, Alexander United Kingdom 49.380
10 Hubert, Anthoine France 49.556
11 Deguffroy, Remy France 49.443
12 Chamberlain, Jordan United Kingdom 49.580
13 Camponeschi, Flavio Italy 49.463
14 Lock, Chris United Kingdom 49.596
15 Koykka, Matias Finland 49.464
16 Baron, Alexandre C. France 49.597
17 Reguillon, Loic France 49.502
18 De Ridder, Guillaume Belgium 49.617
19 Groman, Zdenek Czech Republic 49.508
20 Tiene, Felice Italy 49.641
21 Suninen, Teemu Finland 49.512
22 Toman, Libor Finland 49.671
23 Koch, Davey Netherlands 49.529
24 Lahaye, Dylan Belgium 49.685
25 Lennox-Lamb, Jordon United Kingdom 49.533
26 Tillett, Laura United Kingdom 49.789
27 Pakari, Mikko Finland 49.549
28 Watatani, Hiroaki Japan 51.268
29 Schettino, Mario Italy 50.387